The Power of Boredom

Its just so easy to distract ourselves in todays society with smartphones, entertainment, and general busyness.  Its really important that we think about how this is affecting our happiness.

Yuta Yamasaki
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): Useful insights on boredom As the author imagines, I have a good job and live a good life, but feel something is missing from my life. The problem is that my life lacks any life threatening events or risk, so ironically giving me doubts if my life has any meaning for living itself. This books tells that boredom reveals any meanings the society attaches to people’s lives are arbitrary and we can live our own lives by creating them from a fresh point of view. After reading this book I now feel the time when I have nothing to do and am deep in boredom is actually precious and is a chance to be creative. So much recommendable to those who are too busy to be bored or bored to miss the meaning of life.
Amazon Customer
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): Relevant, Thought provoking read If you ever feel guilty for not doing anything, or having those moments of "vegging out", this book might be for you! I found this book thought provoking and highly relevant. I found myself relating to the inability to simply accept boredom and the restless drive to be "doing". I recommend this book for anyone is who is starting wonder how their lives got so busy but still so unsatisfying or any couch philosophers who like to think deeply about how we live. I really enjoyed this book and the conversations I had with some of my friends about boredom and the busyness epidemic.
Kindle Customer
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): Quality Read This book gives readers new, interesting, and valuable insight into boredom. In an ever advancing technological society, boredom has basically become extinct in our world. However, Hawkins makes a strong argument for us to not only accept boredom, but also make time for it in our days. He analyzes boredom in a step by step process that allows readers to easily understand his thoughts on the subject. While reading the book almost seems ironic relative to what Hawkins is trying to say, it does provide interesting commentary on the constant distractions in our lives and the problems that can arise from not experiencing and utilizing boredom. This is a great book for anyone looking for a unique perspective on every day life or someone interested in getting some more information on the abilities of thought and the brain. The author tends to be a little redundant in some areas and long-winded in spots that don't need extra explanation. Fortunately, these slight faults don't get in the way of a good read and the message he is delivering. It's a quick read with short chapters that are good for readers that don't like to or don't have the time to read for significant stretches of time. I recommend giving this book a try. Like it or not, it won't take you long and you're likely to get a new perspective on what it means to be bored.
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): A short read for a new perspective The book is written with a tone of voice that is closer to dialogue, almost as if an internal voice was calling upon us to reacquaint ourselves with the power of boredom.Defined as “an unemotional emotion” or as “a powerful form of meditation,” boredom seems to have elusive interpretations. The book might have as well been titled: "the power of alone time" or "the power of mind wandering" or even "the power of an imaginary conversation with the self."The idea behind it is that when we allow ourselves to take a break from the daily humdrum, by stepping back and pacing out, we give ourselves the freedom to re-imagine our lives in various ways. Hawkins explores boredom as a space for creativity, meditation, philosophy, freedom and vision. He briefly explains how to tune out of the world, into an intimate space, and how this enhances well-being, self-fulfillment and ethical behavior.Boredom might be a great conceptual phase, a space where imagination runs wild, thoughts come alive and truths reveal themselves. But if it is to be used to recreate life, it has to be followed by action. The book seems to ignore that section. Personally, I think that not every time we feel “bored,” we should disconnect from the action we undertake for an everlasting process of destruction and recreation of meaning. Mark Hawkins clearly underlines though the need to find space/time for boredom to happen.What this book does best is that it defies the norm set out by today’s society and pushes us to recreate our chain of values and priorities. Reading too, like boredom, can bring us closer to ourselves. It did for me, because it brought me back to a time of great creativity when I had fewer activities and responsibilities and more time to think, ask questions, search for answers, imagine stories and reflect on metaphysical matters. The book therefore was a sort of a wake-up call.A short quick read for a new perspective on boredom...Note: I received this book in exchange of an honest review.
Erica Martin
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): Read this to find out why your life has no meaning. I downloaded this book from Story Cartel in exchange for a review. This book is a must-read for anyone who's trying to make sense of their life - if you've ever wondered why you're still unhappy when you have so much, this could be why. We spend so much time trying to keep ourselves busy and un-bored, that we don't realize how important a little boredom is to our lives - you need time to figure out if what you're doing really is adding meaning to your life - and if it isn't, you need to figure out other ways to make your life meaningful.
avid reader
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): Completely changed my view on boredom. Refreshing take on boredom and why so many of us suffer from it. Looking at boredom as the gateway to greater meaning, and utilizing it to unleash greater creativity. Lots of food for thought here and has certainly made me more aware of the 'busyness' I put on myself and the boredom I have rushed to fill in the past. Great insights, Mr. Hawkins.
Babru B Samal
The Power of Boredom: Why boredom is essential to creating a meaningful life (Meaning of Life, Mindfulness, Happiness): An amazing manual for finding meaning in life through weathering boredom The power of boredom by Mark Hawkins is a short book, but it is stuffed with pearls of thoughts of philosophers such as Heidegger, Bertrand Russell and others about the connection between creativity and boredom. He also delineates our constant struggle to create a meaning for our lives, even though we rarely have time to question the validity of the existing thoughts about it thanks to our super busy lives. Amazingly Mark convinces the reader that the time we spend in doing nothing but getting bored may the fertile ground for doing ground work for creating a meaning in our lives, by defining what is that we truly want.As Picasso had pointed out the process of creation is preceded by the process of destruction where we question and eliminate any principles and goals we were bestowed by our parents and society and create an emptiness which can be sowed with the idea we come up with to define our own lives. Once our goals and our deepest needs are in tune we are not in a constant search for a distraction to fill up the moments to be away from ourselves.I agree with his explanation that having an hour or two to be with boredom is better than the moments we have in mindful living process in meditation as there we fill the space and our future with the unexamined ideas which we learn from books and our lives. The creativity process is not present there.In the presence of ‘personal time’ devoid of any kind of action, i.e. the space for boredom does not necessarily bring the evil’s workshop into existence as long as we are ethically powerful not to harm others to take care of our boredom. Because the great ideas and works are conceived not during the process of active persuasion but during the aha moments of instant creation by our subconscious mind by fusing different ideas we put in there either by reading, deducting or by thinking ad lib, boredom has its role in our lives to make our lives as we really want to.A must read.

About the author.

Dr. Mark A. Hawkins is an author, teacher, and clinical counsellor who specializes in meaning and purpose. 

Dr. Hawkins has been interviewed for his ideas by The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, and several podcasts and radio stations.